Collections Services for Creditors

How Can I Get Help Collecting Money that is Owed Me?

Creditors may find that they require help from a collections lawyer to collect money that is owed them. Regardless of the reasons for the debt, we can bring suit in Massachusetts against the defendant, if the defendant is located in the Commonwealth. If the defendant is outside of Massachusetts, we can enforce a foreign judgment here if you have already obtained a judgment against the other party in jurisdiction outside of the Commonwealth. We will enforce this judgment by attaching the appropriate assets or wages if available.

What is the Typical Collections Process?

Our office will guide you through the gathering of all the supporting documentation you have regarding the matter. We will also obtain as much information as possible about the defendant. The majority of collection cases are handled as contingency plus costs. We will fully disclose, as best we can, what the anticipated cost will be. If you would prefer, we can also provide an hourly fee arrangement.