Collections Support for Debtors

I Owe Money That I Can’t Repay Right Now

Many people, for a variety of reason, at times find themselves in this situation. You incurred the debt with every intention of repaying it in a timely manner, but your economic, health, or personal situation has changed and you are finding it difficult to honor your commitments.

There are many avenues you may pursue in an attempt to continue to honor your commitments, but in a manner and time frame that fits your present situation. We will explain to you what your alternatives are, and reach out to your debtors to explore which options they may be willing to accept. After all, it is usually in their best interest to work with you to provide a way for the debt to be repaid.

As part of this process we will ask you to provide financial information such as debt to income ratio, credit card debt and interest, mortgage refinancing options, IRA, 401 (k) and pension status, as well as immediate and long-term income expectations. This information will be used in an attempt to re-negotiate your debt and it’s subsequent repayment.

What if I’m an Out of State Defendant?

If you are being sued in Massachusetts, we can represent you.