Real Estate Attorney for Buyers in Massachusetts

Why Do I Need Legal Representation for Buying a House?

As your real estate attorney, we will provide the resources and the knowledge to assure that, if you are buying a home, your best interests are always represented. We will accurately document all your conditions and protections and insure that they have been addressed to your satisfaction from the beginning through the end of the transaction.

Again, we stress that you should meet with us before you sign anything. Otherwise, the best we can do is provide damage control or enforce the rights and duties you have already agreed to.

I’m Ready to Sign An Offer

Once you sign an offer, you have trigged the real estate process. As a buyer, you have certain rights and obligations. We will make sure that these are explained to you clearly. Once you fully understand your rights and obligations, we will advice you to sign the purchase and sale agreement.

As the Buyer, Am I at Greater Risk?

Generally, yes. The seller is most often in a position to dictate the terms that are presented on the forms. Therefore, we will provide you, the buyer, with professional, accurate, and clear advice regarding the inclusion of the proper conditions that will allow you to get out of the contract, without, or with minimum penalty, depending on things such as home inspection and financing.

I Don’t Want Any Surprises at the Closing

This is the single biggest complaint we hear from people who have previously purchased a home. When we do our job right, and we will, you should not have any surprises at closing. We will review all the documents with you to explain any and all costs, and make certain you understand and have been charged the right closing costs, fees, taxes and insurance.

Should I Purchase Title Insurance?

We recommend title insurance to our clients. It is a low-cost, effective way to purchase a lot of protection that remains as long as you own the property. We will plainly explain the protections inherent in title insurance so that you understand how important it can be. Regardless, if you are purchasing a home through a mortgage, you will be required to pay for lender’s title insurance.

What is the Homestead Law?